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Headstone of Hiram Arvada Haskin

The roots of Arvada, Colorado go back to June 22, 1850, when Lewis Ralston made the first documented discovery of gold in Colorado. Ralston didn't stay to capitalize on his discovery, but continued on his planned journey to the gold fields of California, later returning to his native Georgia. But in 1858, he guided a group of gold seekers back to the ancestral lands of the Cheyenne and Arapahoe to see if they could find their fortune on the banks of the creek which now bore his name.


Benjamin Wadsworth

Mary Ann Wadsworth

At the confluence of Ralston and Clear Creeks, the explorers indeed found gold, but not enough to make much of a profit, even with the addition of sluice boxes powered by canals. They began to move upstream, in the hope of finding richer deposits, perhaps even veins of gold. And so they did, at Gregory Gulch, with the famous find that started the Gold Rush of 1859. Too bad Ralston went back to Georgia just in time to miss the bonanza. However, the canals they dug proved to be extremely valuable to the real future of Arvada, farming. By 1870, the Colorado Central railroad had reached this far West, and enough people had moved into the area, that an official U.S. Post Office was requested. The leading citizen, Benjamin Franklin Wadsworth, asked his wife Mary Ann to name their new community. Her sister had married a man named Hiram Haskin. Hiram's mother had chosen his middle name off a map in their old Scofield Bible, and so Arvada was born, named for an island off the coast of Syria. Wadsworth and his friend Louis Reno platted the town in 1870, marking its first existence in an organized fashion. Population at that time was about 100 people. Arvada was officially incorporated in 1904, and today boasts over a hundred thousand residents.

Sugar Mill


Arvada Cemetery


Find out more about the Cemetery, and the work Mathew is doing here:

04 Trolley



Candle Light Valley


About the Community

Can you tell me about the community?

  • Location: At 58th Ave. and Fig Way in Arvada, CO 80002.
  • Homes:  88 custom, single-family homes built starting in 1996.
  • Lower Tax Rate: We are in the unincorporated area of Jefferson County. This area is charged a lower tax rate! View details on the Jefferson County website.

Is there a park nearby?
Yes! Van Bibber Open Space is directly accessible from a trail within the community. Van Bibber is a great place to run, bike, walk or walk with your pet while enjoying mountain views and nature. You will often see horsebackriders enjoying the paved and soft-surface trails within the park. Van Bibber gives you a peaceful escape anytime.

Is there an association? Are there covenants?
Yes. Candlelight Valley is a covenants controlled community, meaning it has a homeowners association. Our association is the Candlelight Valley Homeowners Association, Inc. (CVA). The CVA has an elected Board of Directors comprising volunteer homeowners. The Board provides direction to a professional management company the CVA employs.  Each homeowner pays an annual fee and abides by the covenants of the homeowners association.

Is there an annual fee? What does it cover?
Yes. The annual fee covers trash collection, common area maintenance and covenants control.

Is there a neighborhood directory?
Yes. Each year, volunteers create and distribute an updated directory to each household and to our management company.

What are the local services?
Jefferson County Sheriff serves our area.

Arvada Fire Protection District serves our community.

Road maintenance is provided by
Jefferson County.

Gas and electricity public services are provided by
Xcel Energy.

Water services are provided by
North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation District.

Visit the
Trash & Recycling page for details about these services.

Candle Light